Welcome Kirksville Area Home Schoolers

Hello Kirksville!
Welcome to the new home of KAHS. This site will allow people to find out news in the KAHS group quickly and interact within the community.

KAHS now has a new way of keeping up to date with it’s own Facebook Page and a Twitter Page as well.


2 thoughts on “Welcome Kirksville Area Home Schoolers

  1. Hello! I am a homeschool mom from the Galt area and was wondering when you meet and if there are any educational/sports opportunities for my children – Karrigan 8 yrs. old, 2nd grade and Collin – 5 yrs. old, Kindergarten.

    Thank you,

    Karen Jones

  2. Hello Karen, did anyone ever get back to you on this question? I am unsure where Galt is, but would be glad to help you get plugged in. For children in your age bracket, there is a PE class on Fridays, science/conservation class on Wed, and there will be an elementary musical in a few weeks. There are several field trips coming up (including to the Truman farm and a fire station), and there is a chess club in the process of being formed.

    Several moms also meet on Thurs eve in Kirksville at 6 pm for a potluck meal, fellowship, and usually an encouraging program. This is an excellent way to get to know some people.


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