New Updates

Well, I’ve been working up some ideas (with some help too!) on how we can make this site more interesting. So, as a sneak peak, I’ll give you an idea on what’s soon to come.

1)  Helpful Links!  People asked and now it’s in the works. We’re compiling a list of links to websites that provide helpful products, information, and assistance to people, especially in regards to homeschooling (it’s not like I’m going to refer you to public school, so don’t worry!)  Also, we’re accepting ideas for helpful sites. To submit one, email myself at Tell me what it’s about and how it could help our homeschooling community and we’ll consider it!

2)  This one I’m really excited about doing for everyone. Video! That’s right! We’re going to try and integrate video here on KAHS. Who doesn’t like being able to watch and listen instead of reading pixels. We’re going to try and do video interviews of various things and video the upcoming sports games and other events as well. Testing is currently underway and you’ll hopefully see the results soon enough!

Well, that’s it for this update. Which reminds me of part 3. Updates. I’m going to try and create updates similar to these and provide some insight onto how things work and the happenings going around. One more thing. I’m in the process of obtaining the information on the upcoming High School Fall Drama Production. From what I understand so far, it’s set in stone for Nov 20-23.  Thanks for reading!

3 thoughts on “New Updates

  1. We will also highlight non-sports individuals that achieve note worthy recognition. So don’t worry if your child is not athletic, this page will be more like a Student of the month highlight.

  2. The FHE Bulletin was recently mailed to your region. Please notice the insert and be sure you all join FHE to help support our legislative efforts in Jefferson City on your behalf. We are actively seeking Regional Directors for the two regions in Northern Missouri. Please keep us informed so that we can keep you informed. Thank you, Deana Haines, FHE Director

  3. I hope this is the spot to ask but could you list Mom’s Night Out information. Maybe Creature Feature dates and topics too.

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