Revised Basketball Schedule


2nd    Against Mary Immaculate (canceled)
5th    @ Heritage Academy    5pm (Jv – Girls – Varsity)
8th    Practice
12th  @ Heartland    5:30pm  (Jv – Girls – Varsity)
15th  Practice
19th  @ Home vs Fathers  5:30pm

23rd – Jan 2nd  Christmas Vacation!


5th    Practice
9th    Practice
12th  @ Home vs Quincy Christian / Quincy Homeschool Ladies   5pm (Varsity Boys – Varsity Girls)
16th  @ Rehoboth vs Life Church  5:30pm
19th  Practice
23rd  @ Home vs Heartland  5:30pm  (Jv – Girls – Varsity)
26th  @ Home vs Sunnydale   (Tome to be announced)
30th  @ Quincy Saints    (Time to be announced)  Varsity


2nd    Practice
6th    @ Home vs Heritage Academy  5:30pm  (Jv – Girls – Varsity)
9th    Practice
13th  @ Quincy Christian  6pm  (Varsity)
16th  Practice
20th  @ Heartland  5:30  (Jv – Girls – Varsity)
23rd  @ Home vs Quincy Saints / Quincy Homeschool Ladies   6pm   (Jv – Girls – Varsity)
27th  @ Home vs Alumni  6pm  (Girls – Boys)

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