Lady Knights Defeat Quincy 32-8

lindsayThe Kirksville Lady Knights continued their domination of area teams by easily defeating Quincy 32-8. The final score could have been much worse, but due to the fact that Quincy was a brand new team, defense was dialed down to almost “don’t play it” levels. Also missing from the Knights usual attack were fastbreaks. Kirksville had a total of 3, and two of those were by the younger Knights who got plenty of playing time.

Lindsay Howd scored 8 points while Joy Tilinski and Cambre Britt added 6 points apiece. Naomi Rider and Chalee Britt each tallied 4 points while Danika Askew and Maggie Belzer focused on running the offense for the Ladies.

Next up for Kirksville will be a rematch with Heartland on January 23. The time and place may change so be sure to check back often for updates.

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