Valentines Day Party

For those of you interested in the Valentine’s party, here are a few more details:

Date & Time: Friday, February 13, 11:30 to 1:00 Place: Baptist Student Union, Truman Campus, 110 West Normal

We will need a list of names of the students who want to be part of the Valentine exchange. Please give first & last names, age, and gender. If you could reply with this by next Thursday, the 29th, I’ll get the list out to you by the 30th so that you’ll have time to make or buy your Valentines.

Katy and I will make decorated bags to collect each child’s Valentines. That way, they’ll already be set out when you arrive, and you can distribute the cards as soon as you get there. (We’ll try to arrange them in alphabetical order by first names, so you can plan accordingly.)

Food: Since the party is during the lunch hour, we’d like to have a carry-in of simple snack foods and desserts. Healthy things, of course, but after all, it IS a holiday, so we’d better have some junk too! Maybe, when you reply with your names, you could let me know what you might like to bring, and I could post the suggestions. Hopefully, we’ll have a good balance with a tolerable amount of sugar.  We’ll also need a total head count of those who’ll be eating so we can provide enough table space, drinks, etc.

Games: We’ll try to have a few games and mixers as well. The object is fun here! I’ll be sure to let you know if I think of anything else. I’ve already had several of you offer your assistance, so I’ll probably be contacting some of you personally.

And thank you for your offers!!

Deanna C.

One thought on “Valentines Day Party

  1. Thank you Deanna for doing this. I know that organizing events such as this can be challenging, I did this one last year, so my prayers are with you. If you would like to know what won’t work, or at least what didn’t work last year, call me =)

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