Ladies Roll Over Quincy

abbyFor those in attendance Friday night at Quincy there may have been a misconception that they were watching YMCA ball. At least that is what it felt like to the coaches. The Kirksville Lady Knights, however, surged to a 54-10 win against Quincy, led by Cambre Britt and her 20 points.

Almost everyone got a piece of the action including Abby Allison who scored her first 2 pointscambre of the year (to loud cheering from family and friends).  The game, which was never in doubt even before the opening tipoff, had several errors and was filled with less-than-perfect play despite the score.  Maggie Belzer added 10 points, Naomi Rider 8, while Bethany Fountain, Joy Tilinski, and Chalee Britt all added 4 points apiece. Danika Askew tallied 2 points in one quarter of play.

Next up for Kirksville is Columbia Heritage, the only team to beat Kirksville this year. The game Friday Night will be the last real scheduled test for the Ladies before Regionals in Omaha (March).

The Lady Knight Junior will play tonight (Saturday) at Macon against a Macon 5th grade traveling team. The Junior Lady Knights may also participate in a tournament next Saturday (Feb 7) at Unionville, though time and location have not yet been announced.

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