KAHS Planning Meeting

The location is approved and the VA Reel musicians lined up so we are ready to move forward with our KAHS planning meeting for the 2009/2010 academic year!

When: Saturday, August 1st
Location: First Baptist Church 207 E. Washington, Kirksville
Fellowship Hall (downstairs)
Time: Begin with a carry in lunch at 11:30am.
(Please bring two generous dishes to share per family)
Table service and drinks provided!
Followed by a short planning meeting with children
staying with their parents. Marty Joplin (home school dad &
pastor of First Baptist Church) will M/C our meeting.
By 1:30 we hope to begin the VA Reel
accompanied by muscians
Clayton Beall, Eric & Hope Bright & Friends
Calling by Alan Klein

This meeting can only succeed if YOU ARE HERE! Please bring ideas to share and a willingness to help coordinate or assist with activities that are presented by the group. Be thinking of field trips, group activities, (i.e. science, history fairs,) etc. to share during our carry in meal. Anyone willing to teach a specific class (i.e. Spanish, Sports, etc.) is encouraged to come and bring a sign up sheet describing what they are offering for which age group. Following our brainstorming session of ideas during the meal, we plan to meet briefly to pull the ideas together then find those willing to organize and implement them.

* We are in need of a calendar organizer that can make sure our activities do not overlap. Contact Sharon beforehand off the egroup if you are able to fill this request. Thanks!

We are asking in an effort to keep things running in an orderly fashion that all children please stay with their parents during the meal and planning meeting. This way everyone who wants to will get the chance to participate in the VA Reel sooner following the meeting. If you have never participated in the VA Reel, we encourage you to stay. Lessons are given to the group at the outset and well vocalized instructions are called out during the dance throughout the afternoon. It has been one of KAHS’ greatest attended and most enjoyed activities over the last several years for all age groups!

KAHS is here to offer support to NE MO area homeschoolers. We don’t have a president of the group but we do have guidelines we follow which were jointly proposed at our establishment in 1990. Our statement of purpose follows.

The Kirksville Area Home School Support Group (K.A.H.S.) exists for the benefit and the good of home school families. Its service and activities shall center on the needs of home school families.

The function of the support group is to provide information, activities, support, and encouragement for families. The leadership of the group works closely with the Missouri state organization, Families for Home Education (F.H.E.). Membership to FHE is not required by the K.A. H.S. support group, but is strongly encouraged. The basis of our freedom as home educators hinges on an effective and fair home school law. FHE exists to ensure the laws in the state of Missouri do not endanger the rights of home educators.

Membership in KAHS does not require adherence to any religion or creed. However, most of our membership professes to be Christians, therefore, decisions made by the group will be based on Christian prinicipals. Members are asked to adhere to the guidelines and policies as set forth in this statement of purpose.

Information or activities pertaining to home education or home school families will be posted on our web page at https://kahs.wordpress.com , or sent through our e-group. Members are strongly encouraged to help host activities if they are going to participate so the responsibilities do not lie on just a few. It is the responsibility of each member to stay informed. Annual planning meetings are held and you are welcome to participate.

Any questions, please contact Sharon Smith at smschool@sbcglobal.net

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