School Year 2009-2010

Well, it’s a new school year and what does KAHS have for you to read?  Honestly, not much other than congradulations to making it to another year (which can be a feat in the world of homeschooling)!

Drama has started back up as of last Thursday, September 3rd, from 2-3:30pm.  LaRoyce and Katherine are once again heading up this class at Christ’s Family Church.  If you have any questions please direct your calls to 660-665-0340.

Coming up, September 22nd – 10:45am – Veolia Field Trip Macon.  Please contact Kristina Salter at
Well, until things pick back up, there’s not much else to tell about the home school world, except for this reminder:  if you have information regarding public field trips, classes, or community events (whether for students or everyone), please email the KAHS team at our new dedicated website email –

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