Calendar Year 2017-2018 not yet available.


2 thoughts on “Calendar

  1. Thanks for putting all these dates together! It is a great help, Nathan! (or whoever)

    We need to get everyone to go here for a forum on whatever subject is tossing around online so we’re not clogging up each other’s e-mail accounts! Would that be difficult to establish? Nancy

  2. I would like to have more information about home schooling. My daughters are in the Kirksville school system at the moment and it is a nightmare! I wont go into detail but I need them out NOW! Before the school year started I talked to Kelly Allison on the phone one evening. She was very helpful and offered encouragement. I however made the wrong choice and sent them back to school! I need to know how to get started with home schooling! Where to get the lessons,how much time do I have from the time I take them out of school before I have to start the lessons,what is the cost? I guess Im the one who needs a teacher! Is there some one who could help me get started? I really wish I didnt have to send them to school in the morning but Im not really sure what to do! I will take any help/advice you would have to offer! Thank you!

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