This is the current calendar of events for the 2009-2010 school year.  Here, you can obtain contact information for the various events that are currently planned for this coming school year. If you have any further questions,  please contact Nathan Rider  at

Aug. 15 from 10-3 is the KV Health and Safety Fair

Aug. 21:  10am – Heartland Field Trip contact Kristina Salter

Sept. 22:  10:45am –  Veolia Field Trip Macon contact Kristina Salter

Creature Feature contact Sharon Murphy

First Aid class contact Debi Phillips

Truman Farm contact Sherry Darling

Oct. 3 9-12 –  Home Depot Safety Day

TBA Hollenbeck Bee Farm contact Sharon Murphy

Nov. 4 3:30pm –  Fire Station contact Anita Smith

Nov. 20: Drama Presentation

Dec. Samaritan Shoe Boxes contact Dana Marshall

Twin Pines Nursing Home Caroling contact Dana Marshall

Jan. ? Game Night

Feb. 12: Valentine’s Party contact Deanna Clevenger

Social Studies Fair contact Jody Darling, Sherry Darling

Cinderella Ball contact Christy Meek

March Fine Arts Festival contact Shonya Klein

April Death & Dying Funeral Home field trip contact Sharon and Dennis Smith

Literature Festival contact Karen Kubin

May Field Day contact Deanna Clevenger

Graduation: Date unknown

Karen Kubin mentioned the Quincy Symphony in the spring could be a field trip.

Another idea expressed from John Howell is the possibility of a Praise Band introduction. Having children experience different instruments. Contact

Keep in mind that this is not entirely set in stone. Updates could be posted at anytime.  But, we should be making a post here on KAHS when the event itself is going to be.  Please continue to check back every so often to see if times and dates have changed.

  1. Nancy Hueber says:

    Thanks for putting all these dates together! It is a great help, Nathan! (or whoever)

    We need to get everyone to go here for a forum on whatever subject is tossing around online so we’re not clogging up each other’s e-mail accounts! Would that be difficult to establish? Nancy

  2. Genetta Sevits says:

    I would like to have more information about home schooling. My daughters are in the Kirksville school system at the moment and it is a nightmare! I wont go into detail but I need them out NOW! Before the school year started I talked to Kelly Allison on the phone one evening. She was very helpful and offered encouragement. I however made the wrong choice and sent them back to school! I need to know how to get started with home schooling! Where to get the lessons,how much time do I have from the time I take them out of school before I have to start the lessons,what is the cost? I guess Im the one who needs a teacher! Is there some one who could help me get started? I really wish I didnt have to send them to school in the morning but Im not really sure what to do! I will take any help/advice you would have to offer! Thank you!

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