Homeschool Drama

The Home School Drama Troupe proudly presents their Fall production, “God’s Warriors”. It will be November 15th at 6pm. Come and watch them once again put on a wonderful show for everyone to see! Free Admission!

3 thoughts on “Homeschool Drama

  1. The Drama Teams production of “God’s Warriors” was a well-thought production that included many thought-provoking scenes that spoke to today’s Church. I enjoyed watching the talents of our older children come out in their and how they proclaimed very important issues in today’s society and within the church. Thanks LaRoyce for a job well-done!

  2. This was a great show! If you missed it, I’m sorry. Just plan to see what LaRoyce’s drama team comes up with in the spring!

  3. I really enjoyed the production. You all did a great job and glorified God in the process. I would have to say that my favorite “skit” was the Red balloon.

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